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Monthly Budget

Approximately 100 people
Food: 1,751€
Rent and repairs: 1,703€
Electricity, wood, gas: 458€
Water and water tanks: 668€
Car, gas and repairs: 151€
Health care and hygiene: 775€
Wages for local employees (10 people): 930€
Administrative costs (mattress, transport, printer, etc.): 864€
Total: 7,300€

Educational system

The school system in Tanzania is divided into three basic levels. A seven-year free primary school is followed by a four-year, now free secondary school. The student can then continue for another two years at a paid high school. In all schools, however, certain costs are associated with attendance, e.g. school uniform, textbooks and exams. The secondary school exams roughly correspond to the German secondary school certificate, the completion of a paid two-year secondary school is a condition for studying at a university.

Average tuition fee/year/child

Primary school: 82€
Lower secondary school 1st-4th year: 290€
Upper secondary school, 2 years: 1,110€