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Since 2013, together and thanks to all the donors, we have been supporting the Fonelisco orphanage in Tanzania.

All funds help Fonelisco to cover the running costs of the orphanage - rent, food, health insurance, school fees or salaries of employees who support their own family.

Since day one, we have decided to do all We Care activities free of charge, so that the maximum amount of funds collected helps where it is most needed.

The long-term goal is to help Fonelisco become independent and become a sustainable organization that will be a safe and loving haven for orphans and street children and help them stand on their own two feet.


Fonelisco is a children's home for orphans and street children, founded by Joseph Mabinga in 1997.

Fonelisco is currently home to approximately 90 children, cared for by Joseph and 9 other staff members.

Children have their basic needs covered, such as a roof over their heads, food, education, clothing or basic health insurance, thanks to the support of individuals, We Care and other organizations.

Last but not least, the children are surrounded by love and acceptance from the staff and volunteers who become their new family.

Joseph’s story

When Joseph had the opportunity to study, he decided on social work. Already during his studies in Mwanza, he started helping street children.

In 1997 he founded FONELISCO, unofficially. He spent a lot of time on the street, selling homemade bracelets and postcards and using the money he earned to buy food for the children. Back then, he offered a roof over his head to several children in his small room.

Thanks to a TV interview with Joseph, the Swedish volunteers learned about his work. At the insistence of the city administration and with the help of these volunteers, a small house was rented in 2002, in which the first 16 children found their home.

The story of We Care

We Care was founded in 2013 out of a desire to help. To be helpful and beneficial with what we all have at our disposal - our time, our personality with a certain talent.

In the beginning, We Care contributed to cover the school fees, over time, as we built up trust with Fonelisco, we decided to contribute to the overall running costs of the orphanage.

The goal is to help Fonelisco become independent and a sustainable organization.

The organization was founded by Viktor, Nora and Patrik Jelínek, and over the years we have managed to organize campaigns thanks to the help of many colleagues, friends and volunteers. (Big thanks to everyone)!