Our Team

Viktor Jelinek, Co-Founder and Chairman

My name is Viktor Jelinek and I study at Charles University, the Protestant Theological Faculty.

Ever since I was a child, my desire was a career in art field. I even started to study architecture in the aim of fulfilling this dream, however after the first year I decided to change my course and extend this desire by connecting art and theology.

Another 4 years have passed and alongside my brother and a person I am fortuned enough to consider my better half, I founded a non-profit organization based on one essential concept - to help those, who truly need to be helped. We found an orphanage in northern Tanzania, initiated the first contact and soon we started our support. We used our talent in photography and graphic design to produce our own and unique cotton bags. The response from our surrounding was tremendous. Not only that people were buying our products, but many of them also started to actively support us – in the beginning there were only three of us, now our official team includes four members and we also have a large base of volunteers, to whom we are indescribably grateful. We are well aware that we alone cannot change the world. But we can be the ones, who will act in a way, which may inspire others to use their gifts, talents and knowledge to help. Together we can accomplish great things. Because if not us, who? And if not now, when?


Nora Jelinek, Co-founder and Board Member

My name is Nora Jelinek and I am currently a student of Fashion Design at VIA University College in Denmark.

What comes to my mind, when I think of our charity, is one of our earlier discussions with my husband. Viktor told me that he would love to help children and I replied that it was my desire too. After long weeks of research, debates and considerations the day came and we founded our own non-profit organization. Our main goal is to provide a better living standards for those, who despite of 21st century are still living in desperate conditions. In addition, we would like to show that anyone can help and perhaps inspire people around us to start their own socially beneficial activities.


Patrik Jelinek, Co-founder and Board Member

My name is Patrik Jelinek. I am currently a student of Sport Management at the Charles University.

More than two years ago my brother Viktor and his girlfriend Nora (today he is lucky enough to call her his wife) approached me with a vision of creating a non-profit organization, which would enable us to help those in true need. I have always admired my brother’s work ethics, sense of reliability and ambitious personality, and I was certain that alongside Nora, whose incredible talent and passion is second to none, he will be able to found a nonprofit with truly bright future. I decided to stand by their side in Help, So We Can Help and thus, to realize our mutual dreams.

Given my previous experiences in film production, I am responsible for all audiovisual creations and products related to promotion of projects, campaigns, selling items or general presentation of the firm. As the time flows, I am also accepting more responsibility both in the term of executing of individual projects and communication with the public and partners.

One of my long-term goals in Help, So We Can Help is to be able sustainably support the everyday operations of the organization and its related campaigns by its own financial means.


Anh Tuan Pham, Board Member

My name is Anh Tuan Pham and I am currently a student of The Manchester Business School, a faculty of The University of Manchester.

One of the turn-over moments in my life was in April 2013. I participated in a humanitarian exchange program in Mumbai, India. Alongside with my peers I spent two weeks building house constructions in resident villages and helping local non-profit organizations ( teaching English and basic computer skills and sometimes playing games- because let’s face it, we all love good games). Thanks to this remarkable experience, I realized that despite all my previous volunteering activities for the global community, my effort and actions were starkly inadequate in comparison with what it truly takes to make this planet a better place.

With this new approach to life, I became the first person to ever join the Help, So We Can Help. My goal in this non-profit organization is to share my knowledge in business industry and international background along with valuable experiences, which I gathered through many years of community service activities.