Our first project is in Mwanza, Tanzania. We financially support a local orphanage called Fonelisco, which is currently a home for 54 children.

A huge majority of these kids comes from a very difficult background and what they all have in common is that if there would not be for the orphanage, there would be no one to take care of them. Josehp Elias, the founder of Fonelisco, aims to provide them a second chance - he gives them shelter, food and education.

We have chosen this project, because we see the importance of raising and educating the next generations of the tanzanian society. Our aim is to raise the next leaders, who will be able to use their talents, knowledge and education to help people around them. We trully identify ourselves with Nelson Mandela, who once said “education is the most powerful tool to change the world.” 


From the financial means we were able to gather, we have decided to pay the school tuition fees for children at the Sunrise Secondary School. The tuition for one child for one year is approximately 10 000 crowns (depending on the exchange rates).