Are you a STUDENT?

Are you interested in what we do and willing to help us in our mission? Do you want to organize an HSWCH event in your school? Brilliant! Then we are looking for someone just like you! Please, follow these simple steps and help us to change the world!

Please, make sure you know all the important information about us - especially what is our main goal, who are our partners, and why we believe in the power of education. A brief summary can be found here.

  1. Make a brief plan of what you could do at your school. Your imagination is the only boundary you have, but if you wish, you can take inspiration from our past events, when students crafted simple bracelets or baked cookies for Christmas and afterwards sold them to their peers. Some even organized school reunions with the theme of HSWCH, where one could simply enjoy a cup of tea, learn more about our organization and support us by buying our products. Discuss the possibilities with your friends or family members.
  2. Contact us and present your plan. It is important to do this before you approach the headmaster of your school/teachers.
  3. Now its time to get an approval from you school. You can approach your teacher or principal. Its important for us to get an authorization from your school. After they will be on board, discuss with them the technicalities and details of the event (date, venue, possibilities of the school staff’s participation).
  4. Keep us informed about the process. Once you will get the approval from your school, we can send you promotional materials and cotton bags. Please, make sure that you have spent enough time to promote the event. The ideal time to start is 2-3 weeks before the event.
  5. D-Day has come! Make sure you take a lot of photos and spread the enthusiasm!
  6. After the event, please send us the gathered finances along with all the unsold or unused items (bags or posters). You can find our transparent bank account here. Also share with us your photos and write us a short report about what you did, which we will put on our websites and at the end of the day your story might be just the one, which will inspire another person to do good and help our cause!