We are a group of passionate and determined students, who desire to make a difference. Our aim is to make education accessible for every person in the world.

We want to use our gifts in order to help others who are in need.




"Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world."



Education can be the essential difference between the person, who is unemployed and person who is able to financially take care of himself and his family. Everybody deserves the chance to have satisfying life and we want to provide this chance for all people all around the world.



Our goal is to reintegrate the kids back to the society. 

Our first project is in Mwanza, Tanzania. Our non-profit organization supports local orphanage called Fonelisco by covering their school tuition fees. 

By providing them a sufficient level of education, we will enable the kids to cope with their future struggles on their own. We believe in a form of help, which will eventually contribute to a sustainable development.

You can find more information about Fonelisco here

However, the aid itself is no longer our only goal. We also desire to create a platform in both Czech Republic and abroad. We want to inspire students and show them that they can share their gifts, talents and knowledge in the aim of helping those in true need. One of our long-term goals is to create the possibility for people in Europe to come and experience the life in Fonelisco from the first hand through our special volunteering program.


Mwanza, Tanzania


“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

Education has many advantages. It should not be considered as our goal, but rather as a tool we desire to provide. We believe that everybody has the right to get educated at least on a basic level and enjoy its full advantages and privileges. The reason is that education can be the essential difference between a person, who is unemployed and
a person who is able to financially take care of himself and his family. Everybody deserves the chance to have satisfying life and we want to provide this chance for everyone all around the world.

By funding educational programmes for the future generations we will be able to effectively change the world. Sadly nowadays, there are countless of people not being able to go to school and reach their true potential. According to Global Issues, the amount of children out of education worldwide exceeds the number of 120 million (Global Issues, 2013).


We regard this as an incredible loss of human potential and we truly believe that by our actions we will be able to integrate those children, who were abandoned by the society, back into their community.

According to Tanzanian Population and Housing Census, up to 50% of the society is formed by children (NBS Statistics for Development, 2002). The question of their integration into the society cannot be more urgent.

The impacts of such actions can be described as a butterfly effects.  For example, if a child gets a proper education in maths and has a natural talent for business, he might build up a company in service sector, which will provide work opportunities for tens, hundreds maybe even thousands of people. And these people will therefore, have a stable source of income to satisfy the basic needs for them and their families. 

If we believe in western values of equality, solidarity and universal application of basic human rights, we can no longer stand by, as we are morally obliged to take actions and provide help as well as guidance for those who are in desperate need. Education is a sustainable way, how to change the world and we convinced that despite its high costs and long duration, it is the right and only way, how to make our world a better place.

“Education is a significant tool to fight poverty. If addressed properly it provides opportunities, open up minds of children and young people to actively involve themselves in the development process. But if it is seen as a sideline ………it restricts options and thought and eventually makes them relies on authority and submissiveness.”

                                                                                         Kerry McNamara – Youth and Poverty, 2003

Our first project is in Mwanza, Tanzania. We financially support a local orphanage called Fonelisco, which is currently a home for 54 children.

A huge majority of these kids comes from a very difficult background and what they all have in common is that if there would not be for the orphanage, there would be no one to take care of them. Josehp Elias, the founder of Fonelisco, aims to provide them a second chance - he gives them shelter, food and education.

We have chosen this project, because we see the importance of raising and educating the next generations of the tanzanian society. Our aim is to raise the next leaders, who will be able to use their talents, knowledge and education to help people around them. We trully identify ourselves with Nelson Mandela, who once said “education is the most powerful tool to change the world.” 


From the financial means we were able to gather, we have decided to pay the school tuition fees for children at the Sunrise Secondary School. The tuition for one child for one year is approximately 10 000 crowns (depending on the exchange rates).